As an artist, I never really considered my reason for creating art. It is just what I do. When I think back from my earliest years until the present day, I realized that what motivated me most was the way I felt when I observed the final product. 

        My original approach to photography was one of artistic leisure; conducted almost entirely during the off time I had in-between shoots where I was the model and subject. Because of this, I was able to let the craft itself be the ultimate reason for producing beautiful photographs. It was (and still is) exhilarating to not only be able to freeze a moment in time, but to do so in a unique perspective, then share that new experience with others and see their reactions. Recognizing the gleam of awe in the eyes of someone as they view your artwork is a high unlike any other.

        Photography became my own form of time travel in a sense because I could see these beautiful shots in my head and would have to work against the clock, the light, and the camera itself in order to capture the shot exactly as I had envisioned it beforehand. 

 I’ve since found that photography is like a language that speaks volumes to the subconscious mind of the viewer and so I am inspired to use this recognition of art influencing life to affect my audience in a wholly different way with every unique photograph. I opened Golden Spiral Photography in late 2011 as a way to express these new artistic endeavors that motivated me toward a new art form. 

 Therefore, my goal (if anything of the sort can be said of my work) is to inspire new thoughts, unexpectedly ignite emotions, and to show the world through a new perspective and fresh eyes. This is the essence of Golden Spiral Photography, that life emulates a higher order of design that can only be called one thing: beautiful.

Eric Anthony Crew